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MPPA Projects

MPPA administers many different energy projects. These projects all have one main theme: to provide reliable and dependable power at an affordable rate to the members of the project. There are several different projects and each member city participates in at least one of the projects.

MPPA Service Committees

MPPA Service Committees

MPPA offers numerous service committees to members and non-members of MPPA. These service committees provide a venue for all municipal utilities to participate in activities that do not require financing or the acquisition of assets while also exploring and studying potential new projects regardless of their membership status with MPPA.

MPPA currently has twelve active service committees: 

  1. NERC Compliance Service Committee 
  2. Transmission Service Committee
  3. Natural Gas Support Services Committee
  4. Renewable Resource Service Committee
  5. Energy Efficiency Service Committee
  6. Combined Cycle Unit Siting Study Service Committee
  7. Voluntary Green Pricing Service Committee
  8. Renewable Portfolio Standards Service Committee
  9. MIRECS Service Committee
  10. Generators Service Committee
  11. Peaking Capacity Service Committee
  12. Transmission Investment Services Committee

For more information on any of these committees or to participate please contact the MPPA offices.