What We Do

MPPA has transformed its organizational structure, staff, and systems to bring value to members as we move through industry transition. Our staff, once dominated by engineers and accountants, is now populated with analytics, finance, and information technology disciplines.

MPPA employs a staff of approximately 20 employees. It also contracts with outside service providers, Members, and utility partners to operate power plants, transmission assets, and systems used to interface with the wholesale power markets.

market operations

Energy Supply and Market Operations

Energy Supply and Market Operations is responsible for management of the power supply portfolio and market operational services that support participation in wholesale power markets. This includes the development and strategy of power supply arrangements, risk management, and the daily market operations that include planning, forecasting, scheduling, bid / offer strategy, and settlements.

Energy Supply

Strategic Energy Resources and Services

Strategic Energy Resources and Services is responsible for the development, execution, and management of power supply & delivery resources as well as member services. These resources and services include but are not limited to electric generation or transmission asset investments, long-term power purchase agreements, distributed energy resource, and member operational services.


Structured Analytics & Technology Services

Structured Analytics & Technology Services is responsible for providing quantitative solutions and system applications to all business units of the Agency. The group develops and oversees the quantitative methodologies used in valuation and designs applications, models, and tools that extract & translate data into actionable information.


Financial Services

Financial Services provides accounting, financing, and capital management services. These services facilitate compliance with laws & regulation, ensure accurate & timely settlement with Members, wholesale counter parties & outside service providers and planning and management of the Agency’s creditworthiness. The business unit performs routine daily tasks as well as longer term strategic planning activities.