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Helping Michigan’s Municipal Power Utilities

MPPA exists to create opportunities for joint action that enable Michigan’s local public power utilities to successfully provide reliable, cost effective and environmentally responsible electric utility services to their communities.
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Michigan Municipal Power Utilities

The Michigan Public Power Agency (MPPA) is a public body politic and corporate of the State of Michigan created in late 1978 under Act 448, Public Acts of Michigan, 1976 as amended. As a trusted partner, the Michigan Public Power Agency exists to help Members realize the benefits of joint action in the planning, development, acquisition and management of energy-related assets and services. MPPA presently consists of twenty-two Michigan municipality members and six associate members.

MPPA Projects and Service Committees

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  • James H. Campbell Unit No. 3

    James H. Campbell Unit No...

    In conjunction with Consumer’s Energy, MPPA owns a 4.80% undivided ownership interest in the 770 MW coal-fired plant located in Ottawa County, Michigan and an undivided ownership in certain designated Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission ... Read More »

  • Belle River Unit No.1

    Belle River Unit No.1

    Partnering with DTE Energy, MPPA owns a 37.22% undivided ownership interest in the Belle River Unit No. 1 coal-fired generating unit, part of a two unit generating station located in St. Clair County, Michigan. MPPA also owns an undivided owner... Read More »

  • Combustion Turbine Project No.1

    Combustion Turbine Projec...

    MPPA is the sole owner and operator of a 55MW simple-cycle combustion turbine generating unit fueled with natural gas located in Kalkaska County, Michigan. The unit is operated as a peaking resource on behalf of the participants in the Project. Read More »

  • AMP Fremont Energy Center Project

    AMP Fremont Energy Center...

    MPPA owns a 5.16% undivided ownership interest in the natural gas-fired electric facility located in Sandusky County, Ohio. American Municipal Power (AMP) is the majority owner of this power plant and serves as the operator. Read More »

  • Landfill Energy Project

    Landfill Energy Project

    The Landfill Energy Project was created by MPPA in 2008 to assist member participants in meeting renewable energy requirements for compliance with Michigan Public Act 295. MPPA currently contracts with Granger Electric of Michigan and North Ame... Read More »

  • Transmission Project

    Transmission Project

    The Transmission Project was created to purchase an undivided ownership interest in the transmission grid with the objective of reducing transmission costs to MPPA and its member participants. Read More »

  • Energy Services Project

    Energy Services Project

    The Energy Services Project exists to provide participating members with coordinated scheduling, settlement services and invoicing for all power supply activities in the MISO and PJM Regional Transmission Organizations including energy, capacity... Read More »

  • MPPA Service Committees

    MPPA Service Committees

    MPPA offers several service committees to members and non-members of MPPA. These service committees provide a venue for all municipal utilities to participate in activities that do not require financing or the acquisition of assets while also e... Read More »