In partnership with American Municipal Power (AMP), MPPA purchased a 5.16% undivided ownership interest in the AMP Fremont Energy Center Project (AFEC), including real property, rights to licenses, permits, project agreements and environmental attributes and capacity costs. The generating plant is operated by AMP and was placed into commercial operation in January 2012.

AFEC is a nominal 512 megawatt (MW) natural gas-fired generating station with 163 MW of duct-firing capacity. The AFEC site is located in the northwest corner of the City of Fremont, Ohio (the”City”) on County Road 138, approximately one-half mile north of State Highway 20. Entrance to the site is from County Road 138. The site is flat and comprises approximately 80 acres.

The AFEC Project consists of two Siemens Westinghouse 501RD natural gas-fired combustion turbine generators each with a nominal electrical output of 180 MW (net) at 59°F. The AFEC Project also includes two Nooter-Eriksen heat recovery steam generators and one Siemens Westinghouse steam turbine generator and condenser. The power generating equipment is located inside the main power/administration building. The power/administration building also includes an administration area that is comprised of offices and the plant control room. In addition to the power/administration building, the AFEC Project includes the plant warehouse, the water treatment building, cooling tower, chemical treatment building, and the natural gas compressor building.

The AFEC Project is operated primarily as an intermediate loaded plant, with a projected average overall capacity factor of 50% (including energy and capacity from duct-firing).

MPPA sold the entire output of its interest in the AFEC Project pursuant to Power Sales Contracts and Project Support Contracts with thirteen municipalities (“Participants”), all of which are members of MPPA.

The members of the AMP Fremont Energy Center Project (AFEC) Project are as follows: