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MPPA Projects

MPPA administers many different energy projects. These projects all have one main theme: to provide reliable and dependable power at an affordable rate to the members of the project. There are several different projects and each member city participates in at least one of the projects.

Energy Services Project

Energy Services Project

The Energy Services Project was formed in 2009 and provides participating members with coordinated scheduling, settlement services, and invoicing for all power supply activities in the MISO and PJM Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) within the confines of the MPPA Energy Risk Management Policy. More specifically, the Project provides its members with the minimum following services:

  • Transacting and procuring transmission as well as transaction tagging when necessary.
  • Development and updating an operating plan of hourly load forecasts for the future five days
  • Scheduling and initiation of transactions
  • Performance of RTO registration filings
  • Serving as Meter Data Management Agent including the submission of meter data

The members of the Energy Services are as follows: