The James H. Campbell No. 3 (Campbell 3) project consists of (a) 4.80% undivided ownership interest in the 770 MW (nameplate rating) coal –fired generating plant operated by Consumers Energy in Ottawa County, Michigan, (b) an undivided ownership interest in certain designated Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines, (c) an undivided ownership interest in the coal stockpile for Campbell 3 and (d) rights under a back-up requirements agreement to back-up capacity and energy to be supplied by Consumers from its other generating units and other available resources. Campbell 3 was placed in commercial operation on September 17, 1980.

Campbell 3 is constructed at a site, which consists of approximately 1,028 acres and is located in Port Sheldon Township in Ottawa County, Michigan between Holland and Grand Haven, Michigan. Consumers Energy is responsible for the operation of Campbell 3. Two other coal fired steam electric generating units owned by Consumers also exist at the site. Campbell Unit No. 1 has a nameplate turbine capability rating of 265 MW and was placed in operation in 1962. Campbell Unit No. 2 has a nameplate turbine capability rating of 385 MW and was placed in operation in 1967.

MPPA owns an undivided ownership interest in Campbell 3 which includes the steam generator and associated equipment, turbine generator and auxiliaries, primary mechanical systems, primary mechanical support systems, instrumentation and controls, electrical equipment, structures and improvements and capitalized emergency equipment and interests in certain parcels of land. Campbell 3 electrical equipment includes the main power transformers and a 345 kV transmission circuit approximately 0.9 miles long to connect the unit to the terminal facilities at the Campbell 345 kV substation. MPPA’s interest in Campbell 3 also includes easements for the use of common facilities at the Campbell plant site, including roads, maintenance buildings, cooling water facilities, fuel handling facilities and waste disposal facilities.

MPPA has sold the entire capability of the Campbell 3 Project pursuant to Power Sales Contracts and Project Support Contracts with 10 municipalities, all members of MPPA.

The members of the James H. Campbell Unit No. 3 Project are as follows: