The Landfill Energy Project was formed in April 2008 in response to the passage of Michigan Public Act 95 of 2008. The Act promotes the “development of clean and renewable energy and energy optimization through the implementation of standards that will cost-effectively provide greater energy security and diversify the energy resources used to meet consumers’ needs, encourage private investment in renewable energy and energy efficient and improve air quality”.

To assist the fourteen members participating in the Project with compliance, MPPA executed a purchase power agreement with Granger Electric of Michigan (Granger) in 2008 to implement the sale of renewable energy by Granger to MPPA, consisting primarily of electricity produced by the combustion of landfill gas in electric generating units. The members began taking energy from Granger landfill sites in mid 2010.

In 2011, MPPA executed a purchase power agreement with North American Natural Resources (NANR) to purchase incremental amounts of renewable energy generated from landfill gas from NANR’s existing facilities and from additional facilities NANR may develop in the future.

The members of the Landfill Energy Project Project are as follows: